One UI 5.0: Samsung unveils new Android 13 tests

One UI 5.0: Samsung unveils new Android 13 tests The beta version of One UI 5.0 based upon Android 13 wasn’t released in July but it appears to be closer. Samsung has not yet announced the release date but released a new program to testers on Monday (1st).

The One UI Valu Up Challenge will be launched alongside One UI 5.0’s public beta, according to Samantha. It was created for the South Korean giant’s testers.

According to the publication, the new program is available to those who have high scores on both the Samsung Members platform as well as the Samsung Community. It is unknown if the chosen participants will be able to gain any advantage over those who entered through the traditional edition of the beta program.

Samsung didn’t provide any further information on the news. However, it seems likely that One UI Value Up Challenge members will have priority in sending feedback and contributing more broadly to the building of the stable One UI 5.0. Participants may also be eligible for a reward based on their performance during software testing.

New features

OneUI4 will be the successor. It should include several changes, including larger icons on the notification screens, and renewed permissions windows, which will appear in the middle of the display. Other new features include Text in-Image Recognition (OCR), and the ability to share drafts with up to 100 people using the Notes app.

While Samsung didn’t provide a release time for One UI 5.0, participants in big tech community forums said that the new test firmware was already available and would not take too long to be made accessible to all those enrolled in this program. The update should be available immediately to Galaxy S22 owners.


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