How to protect your privacy while using Mail [iPhone and iPad]

How to protect your privacy while using Mail [iPhone and iPad] – Apple has taken advantage of the release of new versions of its operating systems to also offer new ways to protect your privacy. You may like to read How to change Default Fonts and Colors in Mac Mail App before learning How to protect your privacy while using Mail.

Some of the features offered are among the features available are Hide My E-mail , Private Relay and Mail Privacy Protection.

This feature is, as its name implies protection from your use that comes with the Mail application. By doing this, the IP address of your computer is hidden and messages are stored remotely in the background. This makes it impossible for senders to monitor your actions in the app and track whether you have opened the message, for instance. In addition, the feature stops users from figuring out the location of your computer.

Then, learn how to activate this Mail app protection for iPhones and iPads running iOS/iPadOS 15.

It’s simple It’s as simple as going to Settings and then tap “Mail”. Next, go into Privacy Protection and then check”Protect Mail App Activity” option “Protect Mail App Activity” option.







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