How to Read QR Code on Android Phone

How to Read QR Code on Android Phone
How to Read QR Code on Android PhoneLearn to read a QR Code using an Android phone. This this feature is integrated into the camera on the device to make it easy to usage. QR codes provide access to websites, documents menus online, or documents. They also make it easier to pay in stores and restaurants. A majority of Android smartphone makers have already made it possible for users to use these codes on their phones directly without needing third-party applications. Below, I’ll demonstrate how to do this.

The purpose for QR Code’s purpose QR Code is to make life easier for people and more convenient, reading it shouldn’t be too complicated, would it? Check out the following:

  1. Take note of:Open the camera application and point the camera towards your QR Code you want to scan. After that then click on the QR Code icon that appears on the screen.
  2. Access to content:The phone will indicate the address that the image redirects to. Click an icon that opens the link in the browser, or click the rectangle to save it.

Reading QR Code on Samsung Mobile

  1. Open the camera app;
  2. The camera should be pointed at the QR Code and wait for the code to be read;
  3. When the program has identified the content, tap “View options”;
  4. Click “Open in Browser” to navigate to the site either “Copy” to send the URL to your clipboard
    If the phone’s display is not able to read QR codes, it could be that the option has been disabled. To resolve this, press the gear icon located in the left upper corner. then press”slash” “slash” next to “Read QR codes”.

The QR Code for Scan Pix is straight out of the Galaxy camera

Samsung phones also have the ability to scan the QR code of Pix using the camera application. This feature, which is available from 2021, allows for payments and transfers that are made via the Central Bank (BC) platform because it does not require users to start the app of the financial institution.

This is how simply open your camera on your phone and scan the code. A pop-up window will notify you that it’s spotted an QR Code that is associated with Pix. When you click”Continue” or the “Continue” button, simply select a bank that is eligible to connect to the app, and then complete the transaction.

Reading QR Code on Xiaomi Mobile

  1. Launch the camera app;
  2. Take a picture of the QR Code and wait for the message to appear;
  3. Tap the tiny QR Code icon in the lower right corner.
  4. The program will display which URL the image redirects to. Click “Go to website” to access the content.
  5. If the reading cannot be functioning normally then press the menu (three stacking rows) in the upper-right corner, and select “Settings”;
  6. Make sure you activate the switch beside “Scan QR codes” to activate the feature.

How to make your own QR Code?

The web hosts numerous free websites which allow you to create QR codes . Apart from creating images, they offer customization options, including being in a position to alter colour of code make labels, and even add the logo of your business If you want.


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