How to read QR Code on an iPhone without downloading additional apps

How to read QR Code on an iPhone without downloading additional apps Learn to make use of the camera on your iPhone to scan QR code without having to install external apps.

A QR Code reader is a tool for reading QR codes which are available in a variety of Point of Sales (POS) like shopping transactions as well as document access and online menus. With iOS 11 it is possible to scan QR codes using the iPhone camera and without the need for third-party apps. Also, check out the step-by-step guide of How to Read QR Code on Android Phone . 

The process is extremely simple you just need to position your iPhone camera to scan your QR Code

  1. Open the camera of your iPhone.
  2. Position the camera to the QR CodeIf the device is placed, it will recognize the code , and an e-redirect link will appear on the screen
  3. Click on the link in yellowClicking this link will direct users on this page or file. QR Code webpage or the file.

How to Enable iPhone Camera to Read QR Code

In the event that your iPhone camera isn’t reading the QR Code that means you have to activate the option on your smartphone:

  1. If you have an iPhone go on to “Settings” ;
  2. Select”Camera”; click on the “Camera” option ;
  3. Select to enable the “Scan QR Codes” option .

Now to go! Your iPhone camera is now set to read QR Codes.

Do you need to generate QR Code?

There are many free sites that permit the creation of QR codes to download and embedded in other photos. One of these is, in fact, is Canva the tool itself and is, in addition to allowing users to edit photos or videos, and even create art from scratch offers the ability to generate QR codes . The feature is accessible in both Canva’s web-based version as well as in the mobile version.







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