Recover Lost CD Keys and Codes

What will you do as a result? You will need to learn how to Easily Recover Lost CD Keys and Codes from this post. Imagine that you need to reinstall Windows and other essential programs on your new system. Typically, one expensive conclusion strikes: You no longer have the CD key that the installation of what the process requires.

How will you obtain what you require?

There are several ways to retrieve them, depending on the version of Windows you’re using and what kind of software key you’re looking for.

For the Windows operating system

There are three likely places where you might find the all-important string of alphanumeric characters.

The first is in the registry of your computer:

When you (or the manufacturer) install Windows on a computer, the operating system stores the product key in the registry. It will be encrypted, but programs exist to decode it. It doesn’t matter if the PC won’t boot as long as the hard drive is functional. You can use another device to read the hard drive and get the information you require. This method is also applicable to Windows 7 and earlier.

The second is a holographic sticker on your computer:

This is more common in laptops and ready-made CPUs. Unfortunately, these stickers are prone to erasure due to friction or wear and tear over time. Now that you’re aware, it’s best to photograph these stickers as soon as possible for future reference. Just make sure to keep the photo in a secure location.

The third can be found in the UEFI firmware:

It’s more common in newer versions of Windows (8 and 10). The user is not required to know the key. If you are installing the same OS version, it will install automatically.

It’s convenient, but it also restricts access to that device.

For Microsoft Office Software

Several key finder apps can locate the entire CD key for any MS Office software before 2010. So, for the more recent versions, you can try those. The only disadvantage of this method is that it will only find the final five characters of the key.

Why? Microsoft changed its anti-piracy policies, which caused the storage of these codes to change.

The best-case scenario for more recent versions is a legal purchase from Microsoft’s online store or retail. Otherwise, a subscription to Office 365 will suffice. You can search your email inbox or electronic documentation for it using the last five characters obtained from key finder apps. A subscription eliminates the need for the code. You can reinstall the program for retail by logging into your Microsoft account. Even if you lose the key, if you previously registered the software, you will be able to view it. The final option is to request another key from Microsoft. But, before you choose that option, make sure you have any kind of proof of purchase.

For Video Games

It is easier to Recover Lost CD Keys and Codes for games if you have a Steam, Blizzard, Origin, or Uplay account. Simply log into the appropriate account and reinstall it. The issue arises if you purchased the disc before any of these were in effect. Some services allow you to register software that you purchased in physical form. Even if you lose the disc, you can still reinstall it if you remember your account information.

If you want to get your game more conveniently and affordably, key generators and key finder apps are available. They are the most convenient ways to obtain what you require. You might not even need to download anything else because one is usually included with the download.


All there is to it is that! You no longer need to be concerned because you know what to do if physical copies of keys and codes are lost or accidentally destroyed.


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