How to remove a photo background on iPhone

How to remove a photo background on iPhone

How to remove a photo background on iPhone – One amazing feature introduced in iOS 16.1 was the ability to remove image from background. You can learn How to Customize iOS 16 Lock Screen and Best Way to download and install iOS 16 Public Beta for iPhone in 2022 if you have done so.

Compatible Models

According to Apple, this feature is accessible to owners who own iPhones XS, XS Max, XR and later -which is to say, the ones that have the A12 Bionic processor or higher.

How to remove a picture background by using Photos app

If you have an image saved in your gallery and wish to remove its background, you can open your Photos app ( Photos ) and select. Press and Hold object or image you’d like to remove.

Once this is done, iOS recognizes the separation, you’ll be able to see an “glow” will appear around the image. Then tap on “Copy”. After that, open the app in which you want to paste (like Notes). Tap on the screen, and then select “Paste” from the menu.

In addition to duplicate and copy, there’s another way to transfer the copied image and paste them wherever you like. For this to be done, simply use one finger to hold it while you open the other app using the other finger. After you’ve done that, paste the new object or image into the app you just launched, could be message app, note editor or other app.

How to remove the image background in Safari Browser

If you’re browsing using Safari and you come across a photo that you’d like to remove background, you can do that do that immediately without needing to save the photo to your Gallery.

To do this, press and hold the image you want to copy and then select “Copy Object”. After that, open the other app and click “Paste”. In case you need to know How to add extensions in Safari Browser and How to Hide Your iPhone iPhone/iPad IP Address in Safari you can take out 4 minutes to glance through.


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