Samsung Says foldables will become the industry standard by 2025

Samsung Says foldables will become the industry standard by 2025
Samsung Says foldables will become the industry standard by 2025 – The Korean company plans to keep the quality of its smartphones with foldable phones over the coming years, while also increasing its production and efforts Samsung believes it can bet large on its folding phones. Based on a report by Roh Tae-moon, the head of Samsung’s mobile device division and the owner of phones like Samsung’s Galaxy S and the retired Galaxy Note wants to elevate the Flip and Fold brands to all-time industry standards. The plan is to do this until 2025. This line will outdo the premium models from the company in just four years.

If you’ve been watching the known as “k-dramas” (Korean dramas) You’ve probably noticed that the characters usually carry a foldable Samsung mobile phone during the episodes. But, even if didn’t like these kinds of shows it is likely that you have observed an increase in this kind of phone within the mainstream media.

This is exactly what the South Korean wants. The company is firmly convinced of this product and believes in its potential of it becoming an everyday item that is in the pockets and hands of consumers.

In the Korea Herald , Roh Taemoon has stated the following “By 2025, folding devices will make up over 50% of Samsung’s premium smartphone sales. The foldable phone will soon become the new standard for smartphones.”

This means that the renowned Galaxy S series should be converted into a secondary series in the next few years.

They may be stylish However, they remain unpopular among people who are interested in technology. In this manner we are able to only speculate whether there is a chance for the Fold and Flip prices will fall over time.

Samsung has introduced a new generation foldables

Although it was king for a lengthy period in this segment that it is in, Samsung’s South Korean continues to bring information to its foldable smartphones. So Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4 were launched at New York during the Unpacked event on Wednesday (10). With more powerful chips and a few improvements they are continuing to be loved by customers.

It seems like all this is giving an entirely new look to gadgets, especially in terms of their durability which is a crucial aspect of items which are folded and unfolded frequently. Furthermore to that, it appeared that the application also appeared better, more like the notebooks we carry such as.

The company also introduced its Galaxy Buds 2 Pro at the ceremony . The headphones have dual-way custom coaxial speakers, with an acoustic woofer as well as a tweeter. Another plus is the noise cancellation which can detect human voice. This will switch the audio to ambient, allowing people to speak to others without having to take off the headphones.


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