Simple Ways to Screenshot On Windows 8

Simple Ways to Screenshot On Windows 8

Simple Ways to Screenshot On Windows 8 – How many times did we want to share our screens on Windows 8 or Windows Phone desktop? Perhaps many occasions, yet the best solution isn’t to take photos of the screen with our smartphone camera, this article Shows Simple Ways to capture screenshots on Windows 8.

To capture screenshots with Windows 8 and SmartPhone, There are a variety of ways and methods that permit users to select one, for example, one area on the screen or a window from a particular program. We will show you easy and very simple ways to.

Take Screenshots with Windows Snipping Tool

Taking Screenshots with snipping tool helps to create unique and Non-Copyrighted images, that sounds cool, yes.

This is obviously the easiest and simple way to screenshot on Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10, here is a step by step in taking screenshot with Windows snipping tool.

Step 1: Click on the Start Menu or Windows Key, its usually having a windows logo on your keyboard.

Step 2: Once you click on Start Menu, a search dialogue box appears, type in the word “Snipping Tool”

Step 3: Once the tool appears in the upper left of the menu you will see New click on it or Press Ctrl + N and a + Sign appears on your screen.

Step 4: Once a Plus sign appears on the screen, the screen background become faded too, now draw the plus sign to capture the screen area you intended to screenshot,

Step 5: After taking the shot click on the Save icon next to the new button or press Ctrl + S to save the screenshot to your desired location.

You have successfully taken Screenshot using window snipping tool.

Capture Screenshots from Web Browsers – Google Chrome

Google has released a major enhancement to its Chrome browser, currently within the range of flags, or experimental functions’ : it is possible to take screenshots and edit them and all without having to leave Google Chrome . The share menu also adds many additional features.

Capturing screenshots with your phone is so widespread that there are companies that recommend the automatic deletion of those pictures once they’ve been utilized. Easy to use and works using the standard gesture of pressing the button to turn off the power and volume down simultaneously. same time . Many manufacturers also provide previews for screenshots and editing. Does your phone not have it? In case the picture is download or seen from the internet it is now possible to create the capture, and then edit it without having to leave your Google browser.

Create Screenshots from Apps

  1. Apowersoft Screen Capture Free application is accessible for the both Windows as well as Mac and you are able to select the part you’d like to capture. It is also possible to crop the image with the form of rounded shapes. This simple and efficient screen capture software, images can be modified and saved local to disk, printed out, shared or uploaded to an online cloud for free or shared via social networks.
  2. DuckCapture is a program that DuckCapture software is a winner especially for the ” scrolling ” since, while it is not different from the other applications in its complete or partial screen copying modes, the main difference for this particular application is that it also allows you to capture those parts of the screen which can only be seen when you drag the mouse downwards, which means the capture of a lengthy webpage is not a issue. When it comes to editing images concerns, this software is superior to other screen capture programs because of the different capture feature, which means that it can combine and edit multiple fragments of the same image in one image. Comments can also be added by using boxes, arrows and even text.
  3. Greenshot Greenshot is available by an open source licence, and is completely free to use. After installation the program, it lets you choose to utilize the icon in the taskbar, or the “Print Screen” key on the keyboard. The freeware for screenshots lets you copy extremely long pages, similar to DuckCapture and also easy image editing, which includes as well as the usual options of arrows, comments and speech bubbles, a feature to highlight certain areas within the picture by using the use of a text marker as well as the ability to apply a filter to block restricted content.


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