How to Sync iMessage History on a New Mac PC

How to Sync iMessage History on a New Mac PC

How to Sync iMessage History on a New Mac PC iMessage in iCloud feature was announced with iOS 11.4/macOS High Sierra 10.13.5 that allows all of the iMessage messages to be sync in the cloud, instead of taking up space on your devices. Its recommended that you read How to Convert iMessage Conversation to PDF [Mac] before learning how to Sync iMessage History on a New Mac PC

There are a few people do not wish to enable this option, either due to privacy concerns or due to an unpaid iCloud plan that has a small amount of space and massive conversations (full of media that is heavy) Sometimes, it’s better to keep Messages stored on iCloud off the table. In this situation, taking the new Mac straight out of the box, for instance does not automatically connect your messages.

However, there’s an option to get around this. It require that your old Mac side by side with your New Mac PC and with your iMessage messages safely stored.

Here is the Step;

  1. On your previous Mac Open the Messages app, then go to your preferences using the command
  2. Enable the “Save history when conversations are closed” option.
  3. Make sure you turn on your brand new Mac and ensure both have the same WiFi connection and AirDrop activated .
  4. If you’re still on the old Mac start Finder and then use this shortcut to open and display the “Go to Folder” screen. In the Finder, copy and paste the following address: /Library/Messages/ Then hit “Go”.
  5. You can select the entire contents of the directory by hitting then copy it to a new folder, which we will call here “Backup iMessage”, created on the Desktop ( Desktop ).
  6. Drag the new file into AirDrop and then send this to your new Mac and save it in the Table.
  7. On the brand new Mac Follow exactly the same thing to open the Finder. and paste the path /Library/Messagesand after  click “Go” next.
  8. In the opened folder, paste the contents of the “Backup iMessage” folder.
  9. Restart the new Mac.

Your messages from the previous Mac will be displayed on the new machine.


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