Top 10 Dog Toys To Consider

Top 10 Dog Toys To Consider

Dogs are in fashion again; young people are again happy to be seen with their pet dogs everywhere they go. However, in order to have happy dogs, one also needs to have toys for them to play with, and to exercise their bodies and minds. The different dog breeds popular among young people right now include; Chihuahuas, Rottweilers, Pitbulls, German Shepherds, Golden Retrievers, and Siberian Huskies.

The particular dog toys to consider buying will largely depend on the breed and size of the dog you have; this is because the toy manufacturers have some particular breeds in mind when developing the toys, leading to them being built to the particular standards they are built.

A big dog can destroy a small toy in minutes, meaning that the owner has to buy another one. It is therefore a good idea to know exactly what toy matches your dog.

Top 10 Dog Toys To Consider

1 Chuckit! Ultra Rubber Ball

This is a rubber ball; and rubber balls are very good for pets; especially dogs and cats. The great thing about this particular product is that it has a launcher on which the ball sits, and from which the user can fling the ball as far as possible for the dog to fetch. This is one of the most popular toys in the market; and that is because it is durable and Dog Toys, yet plenty of fun for both the dog and the dog owner.

Chuckit is a nice toy that the dog can play around with; the dog can chew endlessly with it, as well as bounce it around on a solid ground. Of course it can also be some good exercise for the dog owner to throw the ball by hand, maybe in the woods, or in the park, or in the yard.

The ball will float when thrown into water, and it is quite durable, so even when your dog spends a lot of time chewing it, it is still going to last for some time.

2  Kong Squezz Ball Dog Toy

Kong Squezz is a bouncy ball; but one that is built for extra squeezing. This dog toy is guaranteed to help keep your dog occupied for hours with the squeaky noise it makes when squeezed. That keeps the dog excited and happy; it is excellent for playing fetch, and for the dog to play on its own indoors.

Kong is one of the most respected names when it comes to dog toy makers; and that makes Kong Squezz one of the best dog toys to consider. The name comes with a guarantee of quality; when a person buys this product he is sure of durability.

The Kong Squeez Ball Dog Toy comes in having many different sizes so it is good for dogs of different sizes; you have to find the right size for your dog. This is because dogs like to pick this toy up with their mouths, and they also because they like to chew on it.

The toy is still good, even if the dog chews a hole through it; that means it still makes the squeaky sound when pressed.

3) Nina Ottoson By Outward Hound Brick Puzzle Game Dog Toy

The Nina Ottoson By Outward Hound Brick Puzzle Game Dog Toy may not give your dog as much exercise as you may like, but it will keep your dog occupied and excited for hours because the dog will be mentally stimulated as it tries to use its natural instincts to figure out this toy.

It is like a puzzle; but one that requires the dog to open the flaps of the puzzle. Owners can even put dog treats under the flaps and then scramble them so as to make it more difficult to find. The dog can then spend time (maybe even hours) trying to unravel the sweets, by which he must first open the plastic flaps.

The toy is one that encourages the dog to think; to use its mind. It can be very good for dogs that are being trained to do more than just bark. If the dog is trained to perform any special tasks, maybe around the house, or around the office, or to help a disabled person, it may need some extra mental stimulation.

4) Kong Puppy Dog Toy

You may already be familiar with the Kong brand; this company makes excellent dog toys. The Kong Puppy Dog Toy is specially designed for the young dogs; to keep them occupied, as well as physically and mentally active. The design of the toy is like three balls placed on top of one another.

As young puppies may easily lose interest in play, things; this toy has a special feature to keep them occupied for hours. It can be filled with small treats such as peanuts, or dry kibble, or cookies. These treats can be dispensed when the puppy or puppies knock the toy around.

That will give them the motivation to keep at it for hours as they try to get the treats which they can hear and smell.

5) Mammoth Cotton Blend 5 Knot Dog Rope Toy

The Mammoth Cotton blend 5 Knot Dog Rope Toy is different because it is a rope, or rather a series of ropes knotted together; it is very safe, very durable, and at the same time very much fun. This toy is virtually impossible for a dog to destroy; and so one advantage it has over the other toys is that it will last longer than any other.

This toy may be better for a pair of puppies as they will wrestle with each other to claim ownership of the toy. The dogs can pull and chew on this toy for ages, but it is just indestructible.

It will also provide plenty of physical exercise, and help the dogs gain and maintain stamina.

6) Benebone Bacon Flavor Wishbone Tough Dog Chew Toy

Benebone Bacon Flavor Wishbone Tough Dog Chew Toy is shaped like a bone, but it’s actually made of nylon. Unlike other chew toys that use synthetic materials; this one is infused with real bacon to produce the aroma and taste.

This product is designed to keep the dog occupied, and to help it exercise its jaws and teeth. The dog will find it hard to resist; and hard to put down because the aroma seeps into its mouth as it chews on the toy.

However, this product will need replacing after some time as the flavor wears off. It is still a very good toy; it is interactive, and will keep the dog occupied.

7 Pet Qwerks BarkBone Peanut Butter Flavor Chew Stick Tough Dog Chew Toy

The Pet Qwerks BarkBone Peanut Butter Flavor Chew Stick Tough Dog Chew Toy is a something to keep the dog occupied, and at the same time exercise its jaws. This toy is made of nylon and is shaped like a bone. To make it even more appealing, it is infused with peanut butter flavor.

However, this toy will need replacing after some time because the peanut butter flavor will wear off eventually. Nevertheless, it is a very good toy; one that may be good for training; especially as your dog will not like the idea of you trying to take the toy away from it.

8  ZippyPaws Skinny Peltz No Stuffing Squeaky Plush Dog Toys

This toy is a strong and hardy; it is shaped like a raccoon or squirrel, and can be your dog’s companion, or something to exercise its teeth with. In the event that your dog chooses the later; you are going to love this toy because it is not stuffed.

Stuffing can litter the house or cause digestive problems for the dog, but the ZippyPaws Skinny Peltz No Stuffing Squeaky Plush Dog Toys can save your dogs from this hazard because there is no stuffing of any kind.

9  Chuckit! Flying Squirrel Dog Toy

Chuckit! Flying Squirrel Dog Toy is actually shaped like a star; and the pointy edges are not very pointy; meaning that it can be very similar to a Frisbee. This will make the dog enjoy playing fetch with, this toy; as well as carrying it around in its mouth because it is quite flat, and easy to carry.

It is made from polyester; making it quite durable. The toy floats in water so there is no worry about losing it in puddles or in bodies of water.

10  Kong Cozie Marvin The Moose Plush Dog Toy

Another tough product from Kong; the Kong Cozie Marvin is another toy to keep your dogs occupied and happy. This toy is furry, and shaped like a moose. However, it is also has a squeaker on the inside which makes it even more fun for the dog to play with.

The toy is very durable; even if the dog spends all its time chewing on this toy; it is going to find it hard to destroy. Even if the dog gets through the material and brings out the stuffing, the squeaker will still work so the toy will still be lots of fun.


The best dog toys to consider will depend on your dog; you have to choose a toy relative to the size of the dog so that your dog can pick up its toy and have all the fun it wants; especially when you are not available to play with the dog.


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