Top programming languages ​​to develop games and apps

Top programming languages ​​to develop games and apps

Top programming languages ​​to develop games and apps The number of players who want to explore the gaming world is growing. Similar to that, apps are increasingly being used by those who are looking to enhance their lives. Examples include applications for games or shopping, social networks among others , that provide practicality.

To develop these games and programs it is necessary to have a clear and precise order of operations is required like it is when programming languages are used. It is important to mention that there are a variety of languages, and not all the same one can be used to complete the same kind of task as another.


Let’s begin by discussing an extremely widely used languages, and also utilized for various purposes for instance, to develop games and apps.

In reality, prior to smartphones were invented, it was known that the Java language was employed to create mobile games. So it is no surprise that using the Java language is among the options used to create games.

TypeScript Language

There is, in addition, the TypeScript language that allows developers to create TypeScript games and apps, developed by Microsoft.

It’s nothing more than an extension of JavaScript which includes features that support objects-oriented programming, that is based on inheritance, encapsulation abstraction, polymorphism and abstraction.

This way, TypeScript offers a means to resolve or even circumvent the issues by adding new functions which produce fresh JavaScript code.


The Python language is also included in this list due to its flexibility and ease of use. It is widely used in developing games and apps.

In this manner, Python also has some games-specific libraries, like PyGame and PyGame, which comes with many resources that will aid in the creation of new software for this goal.


Ruby language is used to create services such as Airbnb as well as Twitter.

It is distinguished by its easy-to-read syntax, which allows developers to create less program to allow applications to run.

Additionally, it allows applications to run faster than the other languages mentioned , however it faces more challenges for keeping pace with the increasing number of users.


After a series of updates the number of programs designed for different goals is growing .

A little less well-known than other languages Lua is an appealing code language for novices Classic games such as Angry Birds were built on Lua.

This way it can also be used with various games tools such as Unreal Engine 4, Godot, CryEngine, Corona SDK and Gideros Mobile.


Sixth, but certainly not the least is Go, a program that’sextremely well-known and utilized by experts in programming.

While other languages , such as Java and C remain dominant in the field, the latest models have proven to be more suited to modern computing, particularly on the cloud. Go is a lightweight open-source, free language.

In this manner, Go assists developers in numerous ways, including garbage removal native concurrency and many more features.


For developers who are just beginning their careers for beginners, for beginners, the C# language is a good choice. It also allows the development of programs and games ranging from the easiest to the most sophisticated.

In this way, the language can be used with the most the most popular game engines, such as Unity as well as Unreal Engine 4.


Then there’s the Objective-C programming language, which is an excellent option for developing applications such as Uber and WhatsApp such as — as well as games designed to be played with iOS and macOS platforms.

In this regard, Objective-C was created using Apple platforms, and it’s distinct when we look at it in comparison to other platforms. This is because it is also a part of other elements which directly influence the development of programs like games and applications.

To create an app using Objective-C that is focused on iOS platforms, it is essential to work on Mac with a particular tool, Xcode.


Since 2014 since 2014, the Swift language was announced by Apple in a move to break Objective-C’s dominance with regard to apps developed specifically for the iOS operating system.

In terms of its features among its features, the open code stands out and was an essential factor in the development of new programs.

For those who are new to programming, Apple has made Swift Playgrounds accessible. Through this program, concepts of code are passed down and also allow the user to gain knowledge by taking tests.

For those who are on a more advanced degree, you are able to download a number of handouts and guides on the website of the company.

Engines are used to create games

There are a variety of tools available to assist in programming games. These are the known engines employed during the process of creating games.

In this way they use their own language like Unity that lets you create games using your C# language and on many platforms available, like the internet, PC, Android and iOS in addition to consoles, like PS4 and Xbox One. PS4 or Xbox One.

When it concerns games, it is essential to have technology that performs best to ensure that players don’t experience issues. Of these, the well-known MMORPG (medieval fantasy) video game is just one of the games that provide gamers amazing experiences featuring mobs and chests that are destroyed, player knockouts and the discovery of treasure.

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There are many other platforms and languages that could be used to develop games, and help in the next structure that are designed to tackle real issues.

So, did you notice how programming languages to develop games can be used for different systems and projects due to their particularities? The ideal is that you know each one of them!


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