Top 5 torrent website: pros and cons

Top 5 torrent website: pros and cons

Over the years, a number of torrent website have come to an end, with many of them being closed down. There are those who have managed to endure and are still well-liked. The five top torrent websites for 2022 that are still operational will be covered in this post.

  • Pirate Bay

Possibly the most widely used torrenting website in the world. The oldest torrent website on this list is Pirate bay, a Swedish think tank that launched it in 2003. It is one of the earliest torrent sites on the internet and has had several seizures and domain closures before resurfacing under a different URL or domain name each time.

The company’s Stockholm offices were searched by authorities in December 2014, and some of its computers and other pieces of equipment were taken. As a result, The Pirate Bay and other file-sharing websites went offline around this time. But once more surviving and making a comeback on January 31, 2015 with a new look, the website did what it had done so many times before:

  • Green Skull: These are awarded to VIPs or individuals who have consistently shared trustworthy torrent files over a lengthy period of time.
  • Pink Skull: Given to confirmed and reputable uploaders is the pink skull. These uploaders have the confidence of the website’s administrators and moderators to distribute and upload legitimate files.
  • Blue Skull: The website’s most useful “front liners” who helped maintain it free from bogus files, spam, viruses, and child pornography were awarded the Blue Skull. In addition to being called “helpers,” they worked as the administrators’ type of aides. As of February 2015, Helpers no longer exist on the website.

There is a valid reason why RARBG’s torrent selection is limited. The fact that all uploaders must be confirmed by the moderators prevents the general public from uploading to it. The danger of downloading from a poor torrent website is still present, of course, but the site has a reputation for offering high-quality downloads.

Obviously, because to RARBG’s positive reputation, several authorities are attempting to shut it down. Fortunately, when I tried ExpressVPN’s servers in Norway, I discovered that it functions well with RARBG. It was quite easy for me to search for and evaluate torrents on RARBG. On the torrent website for movies and TV series, screenshots are frequently shown. When you hover your cursor over the search results, pop-up images of posters, album covers, and software brands are displayed. On torrent sites, users may rate files using a five-star system and write comments. To sort the search results, click the “S” header columns as RARBG doesn’t display the highest-seeded torrents by default. You may look for videos by pixel definition and compression type. You may further refine your search for games by selecting the console type. Checking the boxes next to these categories made it simple for me to locate a torrent of Night of the Living Dead in 1080p with x265 compression. This spared me from having to search through dozens of torrents for the same movie that had varying requirements.

  • EZTV

The most popular torrent website for TV series is EZTV, which has a huge collection, a clear, ad-free interface, and a variety of quality settings. With EZTV’s “countdown list,” a live countdown for shows about to run, you can also keep track of popular shows. I strongly advise avoiding downloading copyrighted video from EZTV or any other torrent website because doing so is often against the law and can get you in hot water.

The decision, however, favours older programmes over more recent ones. Additionally, downloading entire seasons is not an option; instead, you must pirate each episode separately. With a trusted VPN that delivers quick speeds, downloading many episodes will be safer.

  • 1337X

There is something for everyone on 1337X. This torrent website offers the following categories: Anime, Documentaries, Games, Music, Applications, Movies, Television, and XXX. 1337X is simple to use for both new and seasoned users because to its straightforward primary menu.

1337x continues to be one of the top five. It features a devoted group of uploaders that consistently provide new content, unlike some other websites. There are many different torrents available on 1337x. Following the aforementioned dispute, the website prohibited official YTS releases.

Additionally, 1337X offers a registration choice that will provide users even greater access to this well-known torrent website. There are some excellent mirrors available if you are having trouble locating torrents on the official 1337X website. 1337X offers a Bitcoin donation link for people who want to make a contribution anonymously, much like the other methods on our list.

  • Zooqle

One of the newest torrent website on our list is called Zooqle. Because of its enormous database, this indexing service has been growing prominence while operating in the shadows for some time. Zooqle primarily offers movies and TV series, but it also offers a wide selection of games, software, and publications.

The website’s UI is user-friendly. Each torrent includes details on the ratio of seeders to leechers, when the content was last uploaded, and the resolution quality. I was able to locate a public domain torrent for one of my favourite programmes. It only took a few seconds and was in the format and quality I need.


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