Truecaller app update brings new design and other improvements

Truecaller app update brings new design and other improvements

Truecaller app update brings new design and other improvements – This week, the developer of the Truecaller caller ID app revealed that the most recent update for iOS includes a complete redesign as well as new features and improvements. Prior to this update, the Android app performed significantly better than the iPhone version. Will you love to read this before learning Telegram deactivate usernames from inactive channels about Truecaller update.

The app makes it simpler to manage your calls, especially when it comes to spam or fra*dulent calls, by allowing you to recognize and block any call. In this update, the company asserts that caller ID is ten times more accurate and that new user onboarding is quicker and more seamless.

The Truecaller iPhone app has been entirely rewritten from scratch to be lighter, more effective, but most importantly, ten times better at handling spam, fra*d, and business caller ID than previous versions of the app.

The ability to search Truecaller without even having to open the application is a useful new feature of this update. Simply tap the information button and choose “Share contact” with Truecaller from the missed call log panel. It will reveal the caller’s name and show up in the call log on your iPhone. The app will recognize them the next time they call!

Emojis are yet another addition to the app! Yes, you will now have more visual aids to help you recognize the caller more quickly. For instance, if the number is frequently reported as spam, a ; numbers that have already been identified, a ; and if you receive a call from a Truecaller user on Android, a ; will appear; Additionally, you can always look up a number in the app; when you do, it will be marked with a.

As more users download the most recent version of the app, the list of regional caller IDs will expand. For faster caller ID, this list is updated daily for premium users and every three days for free users.

The Truecaller Chat, Truecaller Voice, and Contact Requests features have been taken out of the app in this update. This is due to the fact that iPhone users weren’t using them very frequently.

Truecaller is already developing new offline SMS filtering algorithm, top spam number auto-blocking, and a redesigned widget for quicker searching for upcoming versions.

Both the App Store and Google Play has free Truecaller download. You can go to Settings » Phone » Call blocking and identification on an iPhone in order to activate all of the options to use the app’s features.


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