How to turn off Facebook video subtitles

How to turn off Facebook video subtitles

How to turn off Facebook video subtitles – Facebook shows captions on your videos to help you follow along with the content, but they can be inconvenient if you don’t need them. I feel its cool you learn How to Stop Facebook Tracking before Finding out how to turn off the subtitles on Facebook videos on your iPad, iPhone, and desktop.

Remember that Facebook does not sync your caption settings across your devices, so even if you disable captions on your desktop computer, they will still appear on your phone and vice versa. On each of your devices, you will need to turn each one off separately.

Additionally, keep in mind that the Facebook Android app does not support subtitles, so if you’re using an Android device, there is no need to take any action to disable them.

Turn off Facebook’s video Subtitle on PC

Open Facebook in your preferred web browser on your computer first, then disable subtitles on your desktop. In case you haven’t already, log into your account.

After logging in, click on your profile icon in the left sidebar of Facebook and select “Settings & Privacy.”

Select “Settings” from the “Settings & Privacy” menu.

Select “Videos” from the left sidebar on the “Settings” page.

the “Video Settings” will appear. Click the drop-down menu here next to “Always show subtitles” and select “Off.”

Your settings will be automatically saved by Facebook, and captions are now disabled.

How to disable Facebook video subtitles on the iPhones and iPads 

On the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad to turn off Facebook video subtitles. This indicates that other apps on your device that display captions will also be impacted by the change, so be sure you’re okay with that before moving forward.

Open the Settings app on your phone to begin. then pick “General” from the menu.

Select “Accessibility” from the “General” screen.

Scroll to the bottom of the “Accessibility” page and click “Subtitles and Captioning

Closed Captions + SDH” should be disabled.

That’s all there is. On your iPhone or iPad, your Facebook video captions are no longer available.


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