Twitch: how to enable Two-factor authentication (2FA)

Twitch: how to enable Two-factor authentication (2FA) Regardless of the service you are using, if it has any two-factor authentication features, it is always recommended to configure it. Twitter , Facebook , Instagram , WhatsApp and Gmail , just to name a few, all rely on the so-called 2FA.

It works as follows: in addition to the login and password to access an account, it also provides a unique security code that is sent directly by SMS to your cell phone.

That way, even if someone manages to know your login details, they still won’t be able to enter the account if you don’t have your cell phone at hand to receive an SMS authentication code. Therefore, this measure is an extra security layer.

In the case of Twitch , in addition to the benefit of protection, developers also offer access to special emotes that can be used in chats. This is a way to encourage users to always enable maximum security options on their accounts. See how simple it is to improve your security on Twitch?  Find below;

How to enable two-factor authentication on Twitch

Important: Before starting this tutorial, it is mandatory that the email address linked to the Twitch account is verified. If you have not already done this procedure, do so before proceeding.

Step 1. Visit Twitch from your smartphone and log into your account.

Step 2. click on the “Account Settings” option.

Step 3. Then choose “Security and Privacy”.

Step 4. Tap “Two-Factor Authentication”.

Step 5. A screen with an explanatory message will appear. She says the following:

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is extra protection for your Twitch account. In addition to using your username and password to log in, you will need to enter a security code generated by an authenticator app or sent to you via SMS. Enter your password and a new code each time you log into Twitch.

Step 6. Tap “Enable Two-Factor Authentication”.

Step 7. Enter a mobile number (with country code +1  and area code) and tap “Continue”.

Step 8. Enter your password.

Step 9. After this step, a code will be sent via SMS to the registered mobile number.

Step 10.Enter the authentication key received by SMS in the corresponding field to validate your login and tap “Send”.

Step 11. The following message will appear:

Two-factor authentication is now enabled and you have unlocked special emotes to celebrate. The next time you log in, a unique code will be sent to your mobile. Don’t want to receive text messages? Download the Authy app to receive push notifications.

Step 12. Tap “Done” to complete activation.


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