How to use Dropbox as a web server

How to use Dropbox as a web server Dropbox  is a platform for cloud storage that users use the most. Many people are unaware of what additional or vital purpose of using Dropbox as a server.

In other words, you can use it to directly store a website, but it will be in HTML. For pages with more complex layouts, it is not advised. se  detailed procedures below.

An instructional guide for using Dropbox as a web server

You must follow these steps exactly if you want to use this cloud storage server to save your website.

Step 1: Build a website

If you haven’t already, you should start by creating your portal on a local hard drive. Even if it’s a simple server, this is a crucial step.

After creating that, you should keep the folder you made for the following step.

Step 2 Sync with Dropbox

You must then log in to your account in order to use Dropbox as a server. If you created the page, upload the site folder to the “Public” folder. It has to be added to the Dropbox folder.

Step 3 

Navigate to Dropbox > Public and search for the folder that you newly created in which the website is stored.

The next step is to use the right mouse button to select one of the HTML files. Select the online content you want to view, then click the “Copy public link” option.

By doing so, you can use Dropbox as a server since the website will be shown when you type the link into your browser’s address bar. Once this is configured, you can send the page to the recipients you desire.

Step 4

We advise using a link shortener if you want to use Dropbox as a server because the dropbox url will be too long. You can store your website without any issues using this cloud storage server. You can quickly and easily use Dropbox as a web server by following the steps above.


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